4 Summer Essential Pendants to Rock Your Look

Looking to revamp your look without going overboard? A pendant necklace fits the bill. Pendants are elegant jewellery pieces that are always in vogue. Women like to enhance their neckline with a pendant or pendant necklace. It is a small hanging piece attached to a simple gold chain or a cascading design, adding some panache to your overall appeal while keeping things minimal. They let the world know about your identity, tastes, and culture.

Pendant sets form an essential part of a woman's wardrobe as they add a touch of femininity and oomph to any piece of clothing. Be it a green dress or a denim jacket and black skinny jeans; it’s the perfect piece of jewellery to transform a casual attire into a formal look instantly. Besides being an icon of personal style, it uplifts your fashion game. Also, it gives you a more confident look and emphasises your neck and face. Over the decades, pendants have undergone a dramatic transformation. Let's look at some incredible and beautiful fashion necklaces or pendants from our collection geared to catch attention in a flash.

Evil Eye Pendant

People have been drawn to evil eye jewellery since it has become a popular motif. Evil eye accessories look chic and stylish since people wear them each day to sass up their contemporary clothing. This symbol, first used in ancient civilisations to ward off evils, has become an irresistible fashion accessory.

Whether you are a sterling silver or gold chain admirer, you will find it here. At Tipsyfly, we offer an assortment of evil eye pendants in round and heart-shaped designs. The vibrant blues and eye-catching motifs, encrusted with crystals and painted with enamel, impart a modern and edgy touch. Beautifully designed, this evil eye necklace will become your next topic of conversation. Wear this evil eye chain necklace with drop earrings, refined bracelets and a layered necklace on classy clothing to keep your style and fashion simply stunning.

Customised Name Necklace 

A custom pendant is a bespoke jewellery item that features a name engraved necklace. Wearing names on necklaces began many decades ago but is still ruling today's fashion game. The style has been made popular by the television show "Sex and the City" where the character, "Carrie", sported it throughout the series. A customised name pendant serves as a splendid keepsake for someone close to your heart since it takes a piece of accessory to evoke a story. Personalised jewellery is an extravagant birthday or wedding gift that will be appreciated.

Is there a nickname story that you remember or a name you like? We've got you covered with our personalised name pendants. At Tipsyfly, we offer this essential piece of customised necklace adorned with letters that will boost your confidence. Various font styles are available, including Signature and Devanagari to Typewriter and Gold Cursive necklace to suit your taste. Elegant and stylish, this customisable name necklace hangs in perfect harmony on a matching chain in a gleaming colour. Layer this personalised name necklace with a leather jacket or a bold print tee and a pair of pants to inspire creative expression.

Zodiac Pendant

Zodiac jewellery is playful, charming, and personal. As an adherent of astrology, you may have been seeking attractive jewellery that encloses the precious stone prescribed to you, based on your chart. For those who don’t want to delve deep, wear a pendant adorned with the symbols of your zodiac sign. Along with making you look uber-stylish, such pendants pique interest, stimulating social interaction. 

Inspiring a sense of celestial connection, some astrological jewellery bears ancient icons, while others exhibit titles that reflect modern design. At Tipsyfly, we comprehend the value of astrology and that's why our zodiac pendant designs are tailored to your birth chart. With a bold yet sleek aesthetic, we bring you the star constellation necklace and sun sign pendants dangling from an elongated chain. Among the items, our collection has a pendant with symbols of all twelve-star signs engraved with gold in a circular symbol pattern. A white enamel coating highlights your sign, while black enamel covers the rest. Be it a classy outfit or a basic outfit, stack this pendant with a pair of diamond heart earrings or chandelier earrings to amp up your look. 

Initial Pendant

Initial pendant necklaces that feature the first letters of your name are impressive. The Romans and Greeks first used monograms and initials in the medieval period. However, initial jewellery has become a timeless classic gaining popularity today. 

An alphabet necklace etched with your initials will make a fashion statement and let your attire stand out. This pendant personalised with initials makes a wonderful gift to someone you love or as a treat to yourself. At Tipsyfly, select from a delicate and classic initial pendant, style with a bold modern take, or opt for a unique and intriguing piece. We offer you a bold slanted alphabet necklace, eye-catching white crystals adorned with initials, and Kundan bejewelled alphabet pendant that adds a stylish touch to your look. Perfect to style with a black dress on Monday blues or casual Fridays, these pendant necklaces personalised with alphabets evoke a subtle effect.


Be it in the street or on the ramp, a pendant necklace is an essential fashion accessory. Pendants are simple pieces of jewellery that can take your outfit to the next level. They convey your overall personality while showcasing the entire theme. Whether you choose a turquoise evil eye pendant or a letter necklace like Alexis, our collection will help you look fabulous.