Style Tips To Coordinate Jewellery With Your Outfit

Want to walk out of your home with complete peace of mind, knowing your jewellery beautifies your look? What you wear is a reflection of who you are to the world, especially now that fashion is so fast-paced. Every attire needs accessories to complete the look. However, the question is, how can you decide to take your style a notch higher? Tipsyfly has got your back!

Perhaps you have a dress and a beautiful jewellery piece that you adore. But if the two aren't complementary, the whole look can fall flat. Styling jewellery with your attire is an art. Adding precious stones with designer accessories to a look always ties it together and reflects your personal style. Some pieces of jewellery can really amplify your persona when worn with the right clothing. We have whittled down some tips to help you make the right choice.

Bold Print and Minimal Jewellery

When wearing an outfit with busy patterns, make sure your jewellery doesn't compete with the outfit. If you seek a dress with intricate detailing, don simple and bespoke jewellery like pearl jewellery, stud earrings and a simple bracelet. To neutralise elaborate prints, wear simple and subtle type of jewellery pieces.

Classic jewellery and graphic prints make a stylish combination. Dress up solid earrings, rings and solid bracelets rather than accessories with a dramatic flair. When wearing a multi-design dress, ensure your jewellery doesn't overpower your ensemble. Club your look with solid colours over multi-shade or bold gemstones.

Fusion of Jewellery With Outfit

The beauty of gemstones speaks for itself. Whether sapphire, ruby, emerald, citrine or amethyst gemstones, these jewels add a distinctive style and appeal to even a simple outfit. Colour matching is an art. Mismatched outfits take the focus away from both your jewellery and your dress.

The goal of accessorizing is to strike the right balance between warm and cool tones. Gemstone jewellery is deep and dark yet contrasts beautifully with light colours. Red and gold tones look great next to cool colours. Accessories with a warm tone pair well with blues or purples. For instance, Ruby accents on a royal blue top make a bold statement. Wear jewellery that coordinates with your outfit for a polished look.

Flaunt the Neckline

Is there a way to make your clothes look even more glamorous? Matching the necklace with your dress's neckline gives you a stylish appeal. Spice it up with a pearl necklace, crystal pendant, layered necklace, beaded necklace, or choker.

For instance, an elongated pendant or a T link pendant with a Y shape accents a V neckline beautifully. When paired with matching earrings, these statement necklaces will put the spotlight on you. Square neck apparel looks beautiful with tiny pendants on thin chains or lockets embellished with crystals. You can dress up jackets, turtlenecks, and cowls by styling sleek or bold chains without pendants. Stack multiple chains of varying lengths to catch the eye.

Adding a low-hanging pendant to a jewel neckline, off-shoulder, or boat neckline will complement those styles. If you sport a V shaped or heart shaped neckline, a single and simple necklace will complement your appearance perfectly. Pendant necklaces on their own will grab attention. An ornate neckline is best paired with a round beaded or pearl necklace.

Jewellery with Formal Outfits

A formal outfit calls for more modest jewellery. These outfits look most attractive when paired with studs, subtle pendants, or chains. Wearing something simple that highlights your official traits is usually a good idea.

Make sure your necklace doesn't look bulky, and pick something subtle. Charm bracelets or wristbands that dangle get in the way when you're typing. In a work setting, wearing bangles and hanging bracelets may hinder your attention. A pair of silver or gold jewellery adds a touch of flair to dresses with floral patterns. When it comes to earrings, simplicity works well for the daytime, whereas bling works better for the evening look.


Putting on things you adore won't diminish your outfit in any way. While adding the right jewellery choices to your outfit can make all the difference in the world. Your collection of jewellery can either make or break your wardrobe, so make sure you choose it correctly. Just a simple tweak to your outfit with a piece of layered jewellery can transform it and give you an edge. Make the most of your statement jewellery collection and spend time experimenting with it. Still unsure? Check out the statement pieces of jewellery at Tipsyfly right now and build your perfect accessory wardrobe today!