The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Accessories for New Year’s Eve

Take your celebrations up a notch as the year comes to an end and dress to impress with these NYE party-worthy accessories. It's time to usher in the New Year with style and visit the ballroom in sparkling and glittering attire. A long-sleeved dress fits the bill if you want to try formal wear for the event, or slip into a sparkly sequin white dress, and you'll be the queen of the party. For optimum comfort, try on a simple outfit like a maxi dress that will keep you cool throughout the evening on the dance floor. Getting dressed up for New Year's Eve can make you feel like a diva!

Your party dress is what you envision for weeks, with your hair and makeup looking snazzy. Something's amiss? The magic lies in your accessories. So let your jewellery shine bright this holiday season. As we get closer to New Year's Eve, there's no better time to look stylish than now. So let's ring in 2023 with bedazzled stilettos, satin clutches, and beaded statement earrings from Tipsyfly. The following jewellery insights will assist you in choosing the proper bling to enhance your appearance. So look through our style guide and pick up some ideas from our collection to look your gorgeous self at the NYE party.

Royal Pearls

Pearl jewellery is a fashion staple that has recently seen a dramatic makeover. From elegant multi-strand necklaces to chandelier pearl earrings finished with baroque pearls and diamonds, there's no end to how you can style jewellery. Pearl jewellery is a timeless addition to any ensemble, making them the perfect choice as a New Year's Eve accessory.

At Tipsyfly, we have a variety of designs, from pearl studs, pearl chain necklaces, pearl hoops, pearl tassel drop earrings and pearl bracelets. Layer our pearl earrings with a pearl choker on your dark colours ensemble which will bring contemporary elegance to your look.

Chain Necklace

A New Year's party doesn't call for bare necks. There is no doubt that neckpieces are the crowning glory of your attire. Playful and chic, our necklace collection includes our bestseller Druzy chain necklace, flat snake chain, cube necklace and more.

Donning a chain instantly makes you look more opulent. Gold and silver jewellery coordinates with the flexibility of colour varieties and patterns. Complete your look with at least one chain necklace in the same tone. A laid-back style works best when accessorized with bold chains. Layer multiple chains over a thick wool fabric sweater, a coat, a dress shirt, or a turtleneck dress to create a three-dimensional look. This simple hack will spruce up any party outfit.

Colourful Gemstones

The beauty of classic colours transcends any look, so why not incorporate them into your outfit? Take on a regal stance with charming colour gemstones that can be perfect for an evening out. Be it rings, necklaces, or earrings, colourful stones add a touch of elegance to your jewellery. At Tipsyfly, we have gemstone earrings, necklace sets, rings and bracelets that instantly add panache to any joyous occasion.

Whether you wear an emerald green crystal set, a sodalite pendant necklace, a Capricorn ruby zodiac ring or blue colour sapphire drop earrings, the rich colouration will make its beauty attractive. Additionally, the variations in the colour scheme and pattern of each stone are distinct, making every piece unique. Put on emerald green earrings, a crystal necklace, or gemstone rings to incorporate a pop of colour into your overall look.

Charm Jewellery

A charm is a precious piece of jewellery which usually recounts a sweet memory or story. Several jewellery pieces contain powerful symbols and talismans, such as the hamsa hand, the evil eye, a shining star and more. New Year's Eve is fast approaching, so you'll want to carry this over!

Whether you use charms to adorn a bracelet, embellish a pendant, or dangle from earrings, they complete any design. From delicate bracelets to statement necklaces, our collection features lucky charms galore. Each piece is symbolic and stylish enough to spice up your classic style. Get a positive outlook on the new year by embracing the charmer look!

Stack the Rings

A night like New Year's Eve is when you can see all the bling. Rings are the right choice for you as they save you the time and effort of looking for the perfect trinket. Statement rings are worth investing in if you want to feel like a star on any special occasion. These bold and stunning rings for the party season bring ornamental elegance.

Solitaire captures the light perfectly from all angles when paired with a bold dress code. Set on a band, the cluster of crystals ensures a long-lasting finish. Pair a solid-colour black dress with enamel rings. Stack thin rings on each finger for an edgier aesthetic. Gold and silver rings stacked together add a double impact, making you look dramatic.


A statement piece of jewellery may be your saving grace when dressing up for parties. The combination of layers, crystals, and metal tones creates your desired look. Whatever you plan to celebrate the soiree, boost your outfit with perfect jewellery from the Tipsyfly exclusive collection. Add light layers if necessary to beat the cold. Getting into the new year with our elegant accessories collection will make you feel and look your best.