Amethyst Crystal Harness T - Lock Pendant



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Delve in the ancient wonders of Quartz with our Amethyst Crystal Harness T-Lock Pendant. Known for its age-old connection with royal lineage, sobriety, and spirituality, the mystical Amethyst has been a popular gemstone in folklore, history, and religion. Apart from being a natural tranquilliser, it is also the promoter of deep healing, divinity, protection, and wisdom. It comes in pale lilac to deep purple hues with undertones of red and blue. Our exquisite collection features natural crystals; thus, the colour and size of each piece may vary. The design features an African Amethyst stone in pencil or a vertical double chevron shape. With a cross-wire wrap across the tip of the stone, it is beautifully accented with a T-Lock clasp, connecting it to a cable-type, gold-plated chain. Our natural Amethyst Crystal Pendant adds a graceful charm to your look with its exotic texture, unbarred radiance, and lovely lavender tones. While it is the birthstone of the month of February, it is a classic gift for any occasion. Add natural beauty to your outfit with our stylish Amethyst Pendant Necklace.

Measurements (Inches): 20 Inches

Material: Brass alloy with a flash plating of Gold + Natural Crystals

Shipping: Ships within two working days from the warehouse. Read our extended shipping policy here.

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