Fluorite Crystal Harness T - Lock Pendant



Improve your life's navigation with our Fluorite Quartz Crystal Harness T-lock Pendant. Widely recognised as the 'psychic vacuum cleaner', this incredible stone absorbs negative energies, and cleanses your overall aura. It allows creative thinking to flow freely from your third eye chakra into this reality, enhancing your inner vision, and enabling you to make wise decisions. It is a powerful healing stone for your holistic health. Since Fluorite is available in numerous shades, it is regarded as the 'most colourful mineral in the world'. Since our exquisite collection is made of natural crystals, each piece may differ in colour and size. Our collection features a blue-purple rainbow Fluorite stone in a pencil or vertical double chevron shape. It is accented by a cross-wire on the tip, connecting the stone to the gold-plated, cable-type chain through a T-Lock clasp. With a frosty, translucent texture and a galactic hue, our African Fluorite jewellery piece is your perfect everyday wear accessory. Indulge in the power of crystals with our Fluorite Stone Pendant.

Measurements (Inches): 20 Inches

Material: Brass alloy with a flash plating of Gold + Natural Crystals

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