Harry Potter : Always Doe Necklace

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Equipped with a doe, which is Lily, Harry as well as Snape‰۪s patronus and a locket inscribed with the word ‰ÛÏAlways‰۝ and a heart, the Aloe Doe Necklace becomes a key reminder of Lily and Snape‰۪s (almost) love story. The rustic quality of the necklace represents the old friendship of Lily and Snape that never fostered into more and Snape‰۪s everlasting love that guided him through the darkest of times. Literally. ‰ÛÏAlways‰۝ has also become a way to keep the fandom alive and to ALWAYS remember it, making it appealing for even the individuals who don‰۪t really like Snape.


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