Jiya Maang Tikka

SKU: 1392HG


The Jiya Maang Tikka transports you to the regal bygone eras while being a modern and elegant design. The embellished headgear features a big Kundan brooch, decorated with scintillating pearl drops that seem like every woman’s dream-come-true. It has ivory seed pearls along with the minimal yet ornate side fasteners that add depth and a graceful layer to your perfect bridal ensemble. The magnificent single pearl line along the centre fastener creates a spellbinding look when teamed with exquisite necklaces. It is reminiscent of the royal Rajasthani bridal headpiece in the latest design. While the Maang Tikka design is heavy, it is lightweight and easy-to-use. Evoke the spark and charm of a destination wedding with this breathtaking gold-plated jewellery.

Measurements: Length from top: 4.6 inches (11.684 cm)

Material: Brass alloy with a flash plating of gold. Featuring artificial pearls and Kundan crystal.

Shipping: Ships within 2 working days from the warehouse. Read our extended shipping policy here.

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