Tipsyfly Lapiz Crystal Harness T-Lock Pendant



Sip in the divine elixir of life with our Lapiz Crystal Harness T-Lock Pendant. Known to aid in decision-making since ancient times, Lapiz Crystal, also called Lapis Lazuli, is the promoter of nobility, psychic abilities, vision, and intellectual prowess. It has a rich, celestial blue colour with white Calcite inclusions that shine with a bright sunlit streak. The deep blue gemstone is known to help balance our 'Throat Chakra' to communicate the highest truth. Since our exquisite collection is made of natural crystals, each piece may differ in colour and size. The jewellery piece is adorned with an Afghani Lapis Lazuli stone in a pencil or vertical double chevron shape. It is tied by a delicate cross-wire that links it to a gold-plated T-Lock clasp chain. With a deep blue, under marine hue and specks of cloudy white Calcite, the spiritual stone has a translucent to opaque texture and waxy to vitreous lustre. Our natural Lapis Crystal Pendant will become your favourite go-to accessory through its perfect harmony of wisdom and beauty.

Measurements (Inches): 20 Inches

Material: Brass alloy with a flash plating of Gold + Natural Crystals

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