Pearl Apple Watch Strap (42/44/45/49mm)

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Tipsyfly has combined their expertise in jewellery making to create an exclusive line of apple watch straps inspired by jewellery that will instantly up your smart watch style game. The Tipsyfly straps are designed in gold, pearls and crystal to compliment any outfit! Gone are the days of having to wear the same simple rubber strap to both the gym and the nightclub. With adjustable and elastic designs the Tipsyfly Smart Watch Straps are easy to slide on and off.

The Pearl Apple watch strap features three lines of white pearl beads strung together to create a statement accessory. Featuring a three line design set in elastic, this watch strap can be easily slipped on and off. 


Material: Brass alloy with flash plating of Gold Measurements: Strap - 4.9inch/125mm/ 12.5cm Connector - 42/44/45/49mm

All Tipsyfly pieces are flash plated with Gold for longevity, however to make sure your jewellery lasts you a long time here are some steps you can take to avoid tarnishing. - Fashion Jewellery reacts badly with liquids and sweat, so it is important to remove your jewellery when showering or working out. This is particularly important when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water. - Avoid spraying jewellery with perfume or hairspray as the chemicals can be abrasive to the jewellery - Just like you, your jewellery needs a break every now and then! Wipe down your jewellery with a soft, lint free cloth (not tissues!) before storing. - Our Tipsyfly boxes are super cute and reusable for many purposes! If you choose to use them to store your jewellery, please make sure that you place the piece in a Ziploc first as the boxes are not airtight. - It’s best to store your pieces in separate packets as this stops them from scratching each other and avoids annoying tangles!

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