Rose Quartz Crystal Harness T - Lock Pendant



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Bask in the bliss of self-love with our Rose Quartz Crystal Harness T-Lock Pendant. With its prehistoric benefits, Rose Quartz gemstone stimulates the Heart Chakra to promote beauty, pure love, emotional healing, peace, and harmony in relationships. It has pale to deep hot pink hues with undertones of red. Since our exquisite collection is made with natural crystals, the colour and size of each pendant may vary. The stunning piece features a blush-hued Indian Rose Quartz Crystal in a pencil or vertical double chevron shape. The pink quartz gemstone is wrapped in a delicate cross-wire across the tip and accented with a T-Lock clasp, linking it to a gold plated, cable-type chain. With a soft texture and hazy to translucent finish, our feminine crystal would make an excellent gift. You could even treat yourself and add a dash of colour to your own collection. Take a piece of nature with you with our Rose Quartz Jewellery Collection.

Measurements (Inches): 20 Inches

Material: Brass alloy with a flash plating of Gold + Natural Crystals

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