Tipsyfly Smoky Quartz Crystal Harness T-Lock Pendant

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Adorn yourself with the Scottish National gemstone in our Smoky Quartz Crystal Harness T-Lock Pendant. The healing power of the crystalline quartz stone helps alleviate stress and removes negative energies. Through its soothing energies, it provides emotional calmness. It is associated with the Base Chakra and promotes healthier wellbeing. With a brown-black tone, resembling a plummeting thread of smoke, the crystalline quartz has a lustrous texture. The Smoky Quartz Necklace is made of a natural variety of quartz; therefore, each has a unique form, colour, and size. Our collection features a Brazilian Smoky Quartz Crystal in a pencil or vertical double chevron shape. It is wrapped at the tip with a delicate cross-wire and attached to a T-Lock clasp that connects it to the gold-plated, cable-type chain. The combination of brown-black and gold give the pendant an aesthetic touch. Our Smoky Quartz Pendant will complement any style or outfit with ease through its mirror finish and a vitreous lustre.

Material: Brass alloy with a flash plating of Gold + Natural Crystals.

Measurements: 20 inches (50.8 cm)

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