Tipsyfly Custom Mother Of Pearl Initials Necklace

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Bring a touch of timeless elegance into your everyday look with our Tipsyfly Custom Mother of Pearl Initials Necklace. Layers of Nacre, a composite material, are created by several species of molluscs, like oysters, to make these natural pearls. It is an iridescent material that forms the outside layer of pearls, which gives them strength and resilience. You can customise this bewitching jewellery piece with letters or alphabets of your choice. This mesmerising necklace features your desired initials in a scintillating white colour, carved from Mother of Pearl, that hang with grace from a gold plated chain. It is ideal for layering with other chains or with a pair of earrings to give that extra touch of bespoke allure to your style. It is an extraordinary gift option for your favourite people or you could simply get it as a treat for yourself. The aesthetic beauty of our Tipsyfly Custom Mother of Pearl Initials Necklace makes it the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

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