Tipsyfly Howlite Pendant Necklace

Our Tipsyfly Howlite Pendant Necklace is a classic jewelry piece that is delicate and timeless. The Howlite stone represents peace and attunement to a higher consciousness. The stone is also known for its powerful healing energy and is deeply calming.

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Experience immense calmness and tranquillity with our Howlite Pendant Necklace. Howlite symbolises attunement to a higher consciousness, wisdom, and peace. It has a white, marble colour that exudes luxurious brilliance. This beautiful necklace design features the natural stone, Howlite, in a chevron shape, suspended from a gold cable link chain. Stack with other necklaces to create a statement look or wear it solo as a fabulous stand-out accessory. Our Tipsyfly Howlite Pendant Necklaces make the perfect gift for your favourite people or simply as a treat for yourself. Create an enchanting look with our stunning neck jewellery.

SKU: 019PN

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